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Regain control of your healthcare costs

UNLOCK hidden earnings from your medical and Rx Plans

Rising healthcare costs are likely the biggest inflation issue that self-funded employers have today.  Through health data analytics, Med-Vision’s experts create employer-specific strategies to help employers increase earnings while simultaneously improving the health and productivity of employees.

Analysis tools EMPOWER self-funded employers

We serve as an independent, unbiased eye watching out for you. Med-Vision’s experts use powerful software to magnify health claims data and minimize employer costs. Watch a video about how we empower self-funded employers.

Our data analysts and wellness strategists perform a 10-Step Health Plan Assessment and offer solutions including:

Med-Vision's strategies have helped corporations, healthcare facilities, county governments, and school districts to reduce risk, reverse trends, and decrease healthcare costs while increasing quality of care.

Contact Med-Vision
for a health plan assessment and ensure a PROFITABLE
and HEALTHY future for you, your employees, and your organization.

Med-Vision Strategies

MedVision Video

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Health risk assessment Risk Assessment &
Business Intelligence
health planning strategies Strategy Development
disease management Disease Management
employee wellness Wellness Consulting
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Gain Control of Health Costs

Med-View health data analysisLearn how Med-View empowers
employers and how BIG DATA is improving healthcare.

MedVision Saves Money-nbc
-Facility Saves $11 Million

-District Saves $2 Million.