Best-in-Class Partners and Affiliates

Med-Vision works with the latest technologies and partners with innovative service providers to identify risk trends, conduct tireless research, audit health plan performance, and produce actionable solutions.

Strategic alliances help us bring clients the best possible decision support. Our team constantly strives to identify best-in-class vendors to serve your members' healthcare needs.

Examples of our partners and affiliates include:

  • Healthcare data analysis and in-depth cost reporting through our corporate affiliate, Med-View.
  • Numerous healthcare providers for strategy development, in-depth analysis, clinical second opinions, and program implementation.
  • Biologics for the best possible cancer care management.
  • Worksite healthcare facilities, employee clinic operators, and disease management programs to lower risks and close the care gaps as a cost avoidance strategy.
  • Healthcare consumerisman is about transforming an employer's health benefit plan into one that puts economic-savings power into the hands of participants. Learn about Med-Vision's membership with the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism.

Importantly, Med-Vision also works with your current insurance carrier and vendors to create a continuum of care. This ensures your health plan is working at optimal levels for your organization and for your employees. By linking Med-Vision's clients to the nation's finest providers and vendors, Med-Vision helps clients reduce healthcare costs while increasing quality of care. Call 813-205-1577 today to learn more about our services, partners, and affiliates.

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