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Rising healthcare costs are likely the biggest inflation issue that self-funded employers have today.  Through "Big Data" and healthcare data analytics, Med-Vision’s experts create employer-specific strategies to help employers increase earnings while simultaneously improving the health and productivity of employees.

Med-Vision uses its proprietary healthcare-data-analytics tool, Med-View, to assess employee healthcare needs by translating health claims, biometric, and HRA (Health Risk Assessment) data into easy-to-read, HIPAA-compliant reports that provide specific direction for wellness opportunities.

UNLOCK Hidden Earnings from Medical and Rx Plans

Med-Vision serves as an independent, unbiased eye watching out for employers and employees. Med-Vision’s experts use powerful software to magnify health claims data and minimize employer costs. Our data analysts and wellness strategists perform a 10-Step Health Plan Assessment to offer solutions. Med-Vision's support includes healthcare data analytics and predictive risk modeling of members to give you 20/20 Healthcare Vision for strategic planning:

Med-Vision's strategies have helped corporations, healthcare facilities, county governments, and school districts to reduce risk, reverse trends, and decrease healthcare costs while increasing quality of care.

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